Comply with legal regulations and internationally recognized rules,

Establishing effective systems to manage our risks,

To ensure that our employees and contractors act in accordance with this policy and management system,

Establishing control mechanisms to develop harmony culture and to ensure compliance,

To make SECG-K performance visible and to follow continuous development,

To demonstrate leadership and commitment on SECG-K in all stages of our organization,

To develop SECG-K awareness and competencies of our employees and contractors ,

To supply products, goods and services that meet customer expectations and legal requirements in force, and increase customer satisfaction,

To offer our products and services according to the determined quality standards in order to meet the expectations of our customers continuously,

Keeping our work areas and processes safe for the people and environment that can be affected by our activities,

To be in touch with our stakeholders,

By minimizing emissions, reducing emissions, minimizing our impact on the environment by using energy resources and natural resources effectively,

To be prepared for emergencies and crises

We Pledge